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At CAS our aim is to provide you with the best quality workmanship at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on customer service and ensure that the works undertaken will be completed efficiently and reliably to get you back on the water in a cost effective manner.

We cater for all types of Marine Vessels and Multihulls









  • World first antifoul warranty for private vessel market.

  • Supported by PPG, world leaders in marine coatings.

  • CAS technicians are fully qualified and trained.

  • Supplier, Distributor and Applicator working together.

  • Supported by full warranty documentation.




ABC 3 is used on coating hulls of pleasure craft, seagoing vessels, work boats and barges.  ABC 3 is used where long-life fouling protection is severe service is required.  Not suitable for use on aluminium craft, stern legs or outboards.

pdf linkABC3 Product Data Sheet

Ecofleet 290

TBT-free selfpolishing antifouling with cuprous oxide and organic biocides as active ingredients.

pdf linkEcofleet 290 Product Leaflet

pdf linkEcofleet 290 Data Sheet

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Fouling of running gear is a constant headache for boat-owners, resulting in increased fuel consumption, loss of speed and excessive noise and vibration. The loss of performance is most keenly felt in sport boats, but is also evident in the increased cost of running larger commercial vessels. We’re constantly told by boat-owners from around the world that having Propspeed on their boat’s running gear increases their speed and reduces their fuel consumption.


Antifoul and Prop Speed

We have extensive knowledge in the application of all antifouls on the market and complete all works to manufactures specifications ensuring the product applied will work as it should.

Paint Repairs

Our paint and gelcoat repair service will ensure any unsightly damage to your vessel is fixed to the highest possible standard. Colour matched to your existing colour you will wonder if the repair ever existed.

Multihull Specialists

We specialise in Multihulls and cater to all  types of marine vessels including luxury Yachts, Game Boats, Houseboats and Runabouts. Located at The Boat Works Marina with its new 100 tonne Travel Lift and Sea Lift.


Whether you have a gelcoat or 2 pac finished vessel, the benefits of regular detailing are clear to see.  The polishes and waxes used in detailing provide a protective film which helps to protect the finish of your boat against UV and salt degeneration. This will prolonging the life of your finish and makes cleaning your pride and joy much easier.

Osmosis Repairs

Osmosis in GRP occurs when the water molecules find a way through the selectively permeable membrane, imperfections in the hull coatings. In an effort to prevent Osmosis Blistering it is important to ensure the vessel’s hull is sealed correctly prior to antifouling.


Once the build up of antifoul reached a certain level and flaking and or cracking appears then sandblasting or soda blasting is required.  We are able to cater to your vessels needs if this should occur.

New Antifoul



All new facilities at Australia’s Greatest Boatyard

What Our Clients Say

Steve Fleming
Brisbane Coast Guard Commander

How Rare is it in today’s commercial society that you come across a marine underwater applicator who lives up to your expectations?
Well we at Brisbane Coast Guard can honestly state that the team at CAS do.
Joel and Maughan have blown us away with being treated like a customer instead of a number.
Our largest vessel is a O’brien 43 and no matter what the issue may be Joel can deliver the right advice to keep our vessel on the water to serve the boating community of Brisbane.
Brisbane Coast Guard looks forward to engaging a long customer alliance with CAS well into the future.
I would recommend CAS to any recreational or commercial boating person as Joel and Maughan have a wealth of knowledge in the marine industry and when the safety of our crew and vessels is paramount we seek the best in the industry.

Brisbane Coast Guard searched for the best and we found the best…..

CAS at “The Boat Works” Coomera Qld

Ken Stanley
Southport Coast Guard Commander

Coast Guard Southport has been using Complete Antifoul Systems on our rescue vessels for the past 5 years and as a Marine Rescue Organization highly recommends this team. The quality of work and the professional approach by all members  is outstanding and we have no hesitation in recommending Complete Antifoul Systems to all boat owners.


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